Glass Cubicles Trend

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The traditional workspace is all but dead. Gone are the days of stuffy, canvas padded cubicles and closed office doors. The newest trend in office furniture is the glass cubicles, which essentially breaks all of the rules of the old school office. There has long been a debate between the open plan office and the cubicle, but the glass cubicle is capable of offering the best of both worlds. The airy and sleek looking glass cubicle setting allows for a collaborative and inviting workspace without ignoring the need for privacy and an individual work station.

It’s easy to see why glass cubicles have become so trendy. They offer modernist appeal, as well as economic functionality. There is a reason why cubicles have flourished in the workplace for such a long time, but it is also true that they have gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years. Where the traditional cubicle can leave employees feeling claustrophobic and caged in, the glass cubicle creates an open and accessible environment. Natural light can easily take the pace of garish fluorescents in this popular new layout, providing employees with a more pleasant place to work.

Many employers have chosen to incorporate glass cubicles into their offices to encourage collaboration in the workplace. The trend lends itself to cooperation by allowing employees easy access to their coworkers, while still providing a level of personal space that simply isn’t attainable in a typical open plan office. Glass cubicles are also a friend to the finance department due to their overall affordability. They are generally available in the same price range as their more traditional counterparts and have minimal set up cost.

Glass cubicles haven’t only caught on in the progressive and trendy corporate offices; they are also ideal for smaller spaces and tighter budgets. The glass partition system makes it easy to divide a compact area without sacrificing aesthetics. Because they follow the standard cubicle design, glass cubicles are also easy to customize and are relatively inexpensive. The low price point means that this is one trend that isn’t just accessible to big companies, but rather one that can be scaled to fit the needs of offices of any size. Perhaps the best part is that glass goes with anything, so there’s no need to replace existing office furniture to achieve that sleek, futuristic appearance.

With the desirable blend of modern looks, raw efficiency, and low cost, this isn’t one office trend that’s likely to disappear any time soon. Like ergonomic office furniture, large conference tables, and fully loaded employee break rooms, the glass cubicle phenomenon is one that is likely to plant itself firmly in office culture for many years to come. For those looking to foster a collaborative atmosphere without suffering the pitfalls of the open plan office, the glass cubicle is an obvious choice. It’s an inexpensive and durable alternative to the outdated cubicle and a quick way to add a modernist feel to any office without replacing an entire set of office furniture.

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